Serviced Offices Östermalmstorg, Stockholm City

Our two offices located at Östermalmstorg in Stockholm. We have 103 office rooms varying in size from  8 square meters to about 100 square meters. Total area 3500 square meters. Good opportunities for larger areas when  more than one  rooms can form be combined to  a natural unit. Conference and meeting rooms are available in all sizes, from 2-20 people. Representative front-desk and reception areas in both offices.

Serviced Office, Nybrogatan 6 is located in an Art Nouveau building built in the 1920s, neighboring the Royal Dramatic Theatre. This office was started in April 2011. In these premises, we have 35 office rooms in different sizes and characters from about 10 square meters to 100 square meters.

Service Office, Nybrogtan 34,  is located in a classic 19th century house, built in 1890, gently transformed into a modern office. We have been in operation here since 1994 and have over the years increased from one floor to five floors for a total of 77 office rooms. Our rooms have different characters and sizes, from about 10 squaremeter to about 70 square meters. Thanks to the number of office rooms we dispose, we can always give you a possibility to find the right venue for your business.

Our aim is to provide  Serviced Office with high flexibility. This gives the opportunity to allways have the optimal office for your company’s development. With this we provide high continuity and quality regarding  staff, service, location and comfort.

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Vårt mål

Vårt mål är att tillhandahålla ett Serviced Office med hög flexibilitet vad avser bindningstid som ger möjlighet att ha rätt kontor som matchar visionert företags utveckling. Detta kombinerat med hög kontinuitet och kvalitet avseende hyresgäster, personal, service, professionalitet och trivsel.

Våra kontorshotell

small 2Nybrogatan 6
- är beläget i en jugendfastighet byggt på 1920-talet, bakom Dramaten... Läs mer>>

small 1Nybrogatan 34
- är beläget  i ett klassiskt östermalmshus, byggt 1890, som... Läs mer>>